Email Marketing

Email marketing is effective and inexpensive…as long as you have a relationship with that person. Your customers and prospects, anyone you’ve transacted with—they’re all good candidates whose email address you’re apt to know. But we don’t recommend purchasing an email list of strangers you’d like to solicit. Your prospects appreciate those about as much as you and I do.

We use email best practices to achieve better results.

It’s not as simple as attaching a file. With every email campaign, we pay attention to the following considerations and a lot more:

  • Proper subject line structure and length
  • How to avoid recipients’ spam filters
  • The right mix of text and graphics
  • Protocols on “telling vs. selling”
  • Links to other websites
  • Best time of day to publish
  • How to build your own opt-in list
  • Use of Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
  • Tips to improve your open rate and click rate
  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM laws
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Email versus Direct Mail: Which is best?

The best strategy is to use BOTH in an integrated marketing campaign that’s ongoing. This allows you to stay top-of-mind with your customers and prospects so they think of you the next time they’re ready to buy. Each method has its pros and cons:


  • Lower cost, no printing or postage
  • Measurable results tracking
  • Best used with people you know
  • BUT…
  • Purchased list considered spam; we don’t do it.
  • Inboxes increasingly cluttered or blocked–only 25-30% open rate
Direct Mail

  • Targeted lists readily available-by SIC codes, revenues, # employees, etc
  • Print media is more engaging, slower to be discarded
  • Best for prospects when you don’t have their email address
  • BUT…
  • More expensive to execute