Marketing Services

marketing funnelAre you feeling like you need to do more marketing?
You’re not alone—
most small business owners don’t have a marketing plan. At the pace that “marketing” is changing these days, you’re smart to invest some time on this. “Without a plan, you’re vulnerable to the next sales rep who comes through your door.”

Marketing is more than just your logo design.

Your logo is one representation of your brand, and it’s important to how the market sees you. But marketing is more than your logo. In fact, every “touch” influences your prospect’s perceptions of you and your company. Those touches include:

  • The quality of your website
  • How you answer the phone
  • Your business card, brochure, other marketing materials
  • Your social media profile descriptions
  • The personality and tone of your emails
  • Your 10-second elevator speech

A marketing plan that’s well thought out will refine all your messages and help you manage your spending as you work to build your brand.

checklistNeed help with your marketing plan?arrow

A custom plan in 3 weeks for as little as $495

Think of us as your Marketing Dept.

We’ll work with you to develop your own custom Plan. We’ll scour the possible ideas and methods to select what we think will work best for you. Because we offer a broad menu of marketing services, our staff can execute your plan consisting of a mix of print materials, email, direct mail, web design, and more. And because it’s all done under our roof, we’ll ensure it’s all consistent.

Our process starts with a 4-pg questionnaire that will help you think critically of your business. For example:

  • Overall company goals, what you hope to achieve
  • Who’s your real competition, and how they’re different
  • How your offering might need to evolve over time

  • Who you’re trying to appeal to
  • Your key messages you want to tell them
  • Past marketing efforts–what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why?