Promotional items can help get their attention

Promotional items can help get their attention

Collectively, these items make up a $20B (with a B) industry and are used by most businesses in America. They have some distinct advantages over some other marketing vehicles:

1. Low cost per impression (CPI) compared to TV, magazine ads, radio, and others. That’s because you generally control how many are given out, who they’re given to, and when.

2. They stay in prospects’ hands longer—up to 9 months or more for some categories of items. Compare that to an email solicitation that’s easily deleted or can quickly drop below the fold, never to be seen again. We humans just seem to engage in the tangible for longer periods. See the chart for the staying power of most popular items.

3. Higher response rates–when included as “lumpy mail” in a bubble pack or box. If you’re like me, I always open such items thinking they’re something of value. So the open rates for this sort of campaign are typically much higher than for a flat letter or an email. Even the best emails are opened only about 30% of the time.




So Many Products to Choose From

With such a diversity of items, you can use your creativity to build a campaign that captivates your audience.  Here are just a few product ideas and a theme to build around:

a.    Custom logo mug:  “Care to discuss your needs over a cup of coffee?”
b.    Packet of seeds: “Are you ready to start growing again?”
c.    Instant cooling towel: “Need our help?  No sweat.”
d.    Custom matchbox:  “Things are heating up!  Check out our specials.”
e.    Tape ruler:  “Our competition just can’t measure up.”
f.     Tin of cookies:  “Happy Holidays from us to you!”

Promotional products, when used effectively, can grab your customers’ or prospects’ attention like no other marketing vehicle. Please give us a call if you’d like to hear more ideas to help you connect with your target audience.  Or, visit our website to browse our world full of products. (Prices are only representative.)