Promotional Products

Logo’d Promotional Products help reinforce your branding.

We directly source the world (literally) for promotional products—pens, bags and backpacks, mugs and more—to help you stay top-of-mind with your prospects and customers or boost employee spirits. It’s a huge industry accounting for over $20 billion in annual spending in 2013.

Used by marketers to carry their brand or marketing message long after they are given, they are limited only by one’s creativity. Here are some common uses:

  • Pens–for trade show giveaways
  • Polo shirts–for employees
  • Pads or sticky notes–left with customers
  • Shopping bags–for carrying stuff
  • Industrial area rugs–at entrance to your office
  • Bottled water–and custom label
  • Cookies–Christmas gifts
  • Lumpy mail–mailed as part of marketing campaign. E.g. Cajun spice jar for your “hot” new product launch.


Use Promotional Items as one “touch” in a series to drive awareness.

It can take up to 9 “touches” (or, exposures) before a prospect becomes a customer, as they first have to become aware of your company before they’ll buy from you. Ad specialty products can be one of those touches in your overall marketing campaign. We’ll help you find the right promotional product, design the message, and deliver the final product.

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